Innoslate 3.9 Release Notes


The Innoslate team is pleased to announce the latest version of Innoslate, Innoslate 3.9, is now available via the public cloud.

Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate which occurred after the release of Version 3.8 on Thursday, February 23rd 2017 and before the release of Version 3.9 on Thursday, April 21st 2017:

New Features:

  • Added: A Move button in Documents/Requirements View to allow easier moving around of document entities and their children.
  • Added: Ability to retain original document numbering when importing via Import Analyzer’s Word (.docx) tab.
  • Added: Ability to import XMI files containing diagrams from Sparx Enterprise Architect (Enterprise Only).
  • Added: An “Add Prefix Only” capability to Test Center and Documents/Requirements View.
  • Added: A Calendar Mode to the Discrete Event and Monte Carlo Simulators enabling calendar driven simulations.


  • Improved: Speed of Documents/Requirements View making large documents approaching 2,000 entities more usable.
  • Improved: Auto-suggested numbering and sorting in Documents/Requirements View with better support for alphabetically ordered lists.
  • Improved: Usability of Delete button in Database View by displaying a confirmation dialog before any entities are deleted.
  • Improved: Speed of Diagrams View by no longer blocking rendering until all images are loaded.
  • Improved: The ‘Entity Table’ report accessible via Database View by adding an option to output Labels in the report.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Issue which caused tabbing between fields in the Create New Document Dialog to not work properly.
  • Fixed: Issue which intermittently caused the IDEF0 Diagram to not allow a new Output construct to be used as an Input construct.
  • Fixed: Issue handling duplicates when numbers end in a period when importing via Import Analyzer’s Excel (.csv) tab.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused Documents/Requirements View to be automatically refreshed when the browser window was resized.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused Diagrams View to not render properly when one of the diagram images could not be found.