Innoslate 3.7 Release Notes


Innoslate 3.7 was released and made available via the public cloud on October 20, 2016.

Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate which occurred after the release of Version 3.6 on August 15, 2016 and before the release of Version 3.7 on October 20, 2016.

New Features:

  • Added: Zapier integration, allowing Innoslate to easily connect to 700+ other applications to automate workflows for your project.
  • Added: The ability to insert an auto-updating diagram image into an entity’s description.
  • Added: New Advanced Microsoft Excel (.csv) file importer, accessible via the ‘More’ tab of Import Analyzer.
  • Added: New Publish/Subscribe API, which allows users to programmatically listen for the creation of entities, updates, deletions, comments, and schema changes.
  • Added: API Keys, allowing for external applications to connect to Innoslate securely.
  • Added: Export to Microsoft Project, from the result of a Discrete Event Simulation or Monte Carlo Simulation.


  • Improved: Rich text capabilities, by adding support for yellow highlight, red strikethrough, subscript and superscript.
  • Improved: Gantt Chart, by adding the entity’s number, name and duration displayed inline.
  • Improved: Overall stability of the Hierarchical Matrix and the Hierarchical Comparison Matrix.
  • Improved: Error handling if an update to a project’s default schema happens to fail.
  • Improved: Default port placement and line routing within the Block Definition Diagram and the Requirement Diagram.
  • Improved: Stability and speed of sample project and Innoslate Export (.xml) file imports.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Issue which caused Microsoft Word (.docx) and Excel (.csv) file imports to fail via Import Analyzer when a default class was chosen which had a name that contained spaces.
  • Fixed: Issue which intermittently caused line edges within the Internal Block Diagram and the Block Definition Diagram to not properly save placement.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused DODAF labels to not be automatically applied on the Hierarchy Chart.
  • Fixed: Issue which intermittently caused arrowheads to not display on the Spider Diagram.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused the inability to remove diagram constructs from the Package Diagram.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused existing users on a project to be unable to collaborate with newly created users who just signed into Innoslate for the first time.
  • Fixed: Issue which intermittently caused the Manage Documents dialog to not properly display the list of existing documents.
  • Fixed: Issue which intermittently caused entity rows in the Document views to not display with proper amount of indention.
  • Fixed: Issue which intermittently caused the bullets of a bulleted list to display improperly in DOCX report output.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused links within an entity’s description to open in the same browser tab when clicked in Documents/Requirements View.