Innoslate 3.6 Release Notes


Innoslate 3.6 was released and made available via the public cloud on August 15, 2016.

Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate which occurred after the release of Version 3.5 on April 5, 2016 and before the release of Version 3.6 on August 15, 2016.

New Features:

  • Added: The ability to undo and redo any changes made to a diagram while the diagram is open; available in all diagrams.
  • Added: The ability to control line movement in the Asset Diagram, Internal Block Diagram (IBD), State Machine Diagram, and Use Case Diagram.
  • Added: The ability to rapidly create new levels of abstraction in the Action Diagram via the new ‘Decompose’ and ‘Flatten’ buttons.
  • Added: New ‘Layer Diagram,’ to more easily visualize multiple levels of physical decomposition and linking Conduits.
  • Added: The ability to automatically number large hierarchies via the Action Diagram, Activity Diagram, Hierarchy Chart, and Tree Diagram.
  • Added: New snapping guidelines, to help properly align constructs with other constructs in the diagram; available in most diagrams.
  • Added: New diagrams color picker which allows users to type in a RGB color, HSV(b) color or hex color and save swatches for later use.
  • Added: The ability to view the full size image of an entity via Entity View.
  • Added: The ability to remove an image from an entity via Entity View.
  • Added: The ability to change the color of the Performer construct in the Use Case Diagram.


  • Improved: User interface for comparing entity version history data with new diffing support for descriptions, attributes, and relationships.
  • Improved: View-to-view navigation with a standardized ‘Open’ drop-down, allowing faster navigation between diagrams, documents, and matrices.
  • Improved: Import Analyzer’s Microsoft Excel (.csv) import capabilities to allow importing a mix of existing and new entities.
  • Improved: Usability of By-Sequence mode of the Sequence Diagram and renamed the mode to IO Trace mode.
  • Improved: Usability of Parallel mode of the Sequence Diagram and renamed the mode to Event Trace mode.
  • Improved: Informational message on the Project Dashboard when the Model Maturity checker has not yet been run.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Issue which caused the names of a few entities to display incorrectly when using either of the ASSE CONOPS Document templates.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused CSV exports from Database View or Documents/Requirements View to contain double escaped characters.
  • Fixed: Issue which intermittently caused the shapes drawn on Gantt Chart in the Discrete Event and Monte Carlo Simulators to become misaligned.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused name and number to not show in the Coverflow display available via Diagrams View.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused urls to be rejected as invalid input when importing a Microsoft Excel (.csv) file.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused urls to be rejected as invalid input when using Table mode of Database View.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused the ‘Upload’ button to still be shown in Entity View on a read-only project.
  • Fixed: Issue which allowed a user to relate an entity to itself via Entity View.