Innoslate 3.2 Release Notes


Innoslate 3.2 was released and made available via the public cloud on March 18, 2015.

Below is an outline of the changes made to Innoslate which occurred after the release of Version 3.1 on August 18, 2014 and before the release of Version 3.2 on March 18, 2015.

New Features:

  • Added: SysML support, including a new Activity Diagram, Block Definition Diagram (BDD), Internal Block Diagram (IBD), Package Diagram, Parametric Diagram, Requirement Diagram, and State Machine Diagram.
  • Added: New advanced search capabilities, including additional qualifiers and support for wildcard searches. (Must opt-in via Project Dashboard.)
  • Added: Beta support of Vector Graphic (SVG) report downloads of all diagrams. (Works best in Google Chrome.)
  • Added: The ability to preview the entities to be created by an import before saving when importing Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Excel (.csv) and Rational DOORS (.csv) files.
  • Added: The ability to specify the schema-based class of entities to be created by an import when importing Microsoft Word (.docx) and Microsoft Excel (.csv) files.
  • Added: Parallel mode to the Sequence Diagram, which creates a Sequence Diagram that generates parallel swimlanes for each lifeline in the Action and Activity Diagrams.
  • Added: Direct links to the new SysML diagrams in the Getting Started Panel of the Project Dashboard.
  • Added: The ability to upload images directly into the Description attribute of an entity in Documents/Requirements Views and Entity View.
  • Added: The ability to switch line types of a line between Straight Line and Orthogonal Line in the Class and Use Case Diagrams.
  • Added: The ability to save custom presets of which relations to display in Custom mode of the Spider Diagram.
  • Added: Export to XML from Database View and Documents/Requirements Views.
  • Added: Export to CSV from Database View and Documents/Requirements Views.
  • Added: Port class to the underlying default database schema.
  • Added: Equation class to the underlying default database schema.


  • Improved: User experience when navigating to a diagram from Entity View and to a diagram from Documents/Requirements View.
  • Improved: User experience when switching between the diagrams themselves.
  • Improved: User experience and error reporting when importing a DOCX file from Microsoft Word.
  • Improved: Error reporting when importing a CSV (Comma delimited) file directly from Rational DOORS or from Microsoft Excel.
  • Improved: User experience when importing a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file from Google Earth or Google Maps.
  • Improved: Error message for attempting to display circular hierarchies in the Hierarchy Chart.
  • Improved: Ordering of Characteristic entities by number in the Radar Chart.
  • Improved: Usability of Risk Matrix including better drag-and-drop and displaying an additional 25 characters of the name attribute of Risk entities.
  • Improved: User experience visualizing Mechanism, Input, Output, and Control constructs in the IDEF0 Diagram.
  • Improved: Basic document reports in Documents/Requirements Views to now include entity images.
  • Improved: User experience visualizing Input/Output entities in the I-Squared and N-Squared Diagrams.
  • Improved: Error message for attempting to create duplicate labels with the same name in the Schema Editor.
  • Improved: User experience when two users are editing the same diagram simultaneously.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Issue which caused the Generate Requirements feature to duplicate generated Requirement entities.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused notifications to not be generated for every type of file import.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused large images to overflow the first column of Requirements View.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused Statement entities to be missing from the CDC Project Management Plan templates.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused immediately deleting a newly added row in the Documents/Requirements Views to fail.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing the ability to set Percent type attributes back to a value of zero.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused the Spider Diagram to allow removing the diagram’s root entity.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused improperly sized selection boxes when a diagram was zoomed in or out.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused the Documents/Requirements Views to not add a child if an automatically suggested number could not be generated.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing the ability to change a URI attribute field back to being blank.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused name labels not to render on loop construct branches in the Action Diagram.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused images uploaded via the Asset Diagram to update both the entity’s image and the background image of the diagram.
  • Fixed: Issue causing the collaboration sidebar to always remain open when using Innoslate on a mobile phone.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused the link to the DoDAF Dashboard to be missing when using Innoslate on a mobile phone.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused top navigation bar items on the right to be momentarily hidden from view.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused schema-based classes with spaces in the name to not be available when adding a new relationship in Entity View.
  • Fixed: Issue which caused the sidebar in Documents/Requirements Views to not display when special characters are present.